Entity Framework support for Clients, Scopes, and Operational Data

Support for Entity Framework for IdentityServer comes from this repo.

Client and Scope configuration

If scope or client data is desired to be loaded from a database (rather than use in-memory configuration), then we provide a Entity Framework based implementations of the IClientStore and IScopeStore services. More Information.

Operational data

Additionally, it is highly recommended that operational data (such as authorization codes, refresh tokens, reference tokens, and user consent) be persisted as well in a database. As such, we also have Entity Framework based implementations of the IAuthorizationCodeStore, ITokenHandleStore, IRefreshTokenStore, and IConsentStore services. More Information.

Using Entity Framework migrations with SQL Azure

Entity Framework migrations can be used with SQL Azure, to do so, a custom DbConfiguration is required. The DbConfiguration is responsible for configuring the DbExecutionStrategy, which has to be set to SqlAzureExecutionStrategy More Information.