Operational Data

For many of IdentityServer3’s features a database is required to persist various operational data. This includes authorization codes, refresh tokens, reference tokens, and user consent.


There are a variety of stores that will persist the operational data. These are configured with a single extension method on IdentityServerServiceFactory. All of the extension methods accept an EntityFrameworkServiceOptions which contains these properties:

To configure the operational data stores this code could be used:

var efConfig = new EntityFrameworkServiceOptions {
   ConnectionString = "SomeConnectionName",
   //Schema = "someSchemaIfDesired"

var factory = new IdentityServerServiceFactory();

Data Cleanup

Much of the operational data has an expiration. It is likely desirable to remove this stale data after it expires. This can be done outside of the application that hosts IdentityServer or by the database itself (via various mechanisms). If it is desired that application code that you perform this cleanup, then the TokenCleanup class is provided to assist. It accepts a EntityFrameworkServiceOptions and an Int32 interval (in seconds) to configure how frequently the stale data is cleared. It will asynchronously connect to the database and can be configured as such:

var efConfig = new EntityFrameworkServiceOptions {
    ConnectionString = connString,
    //Schema = "foo"

var cleanup = new TokenCleanup(efConfig, 10);