Identity Token Validation Endpoint

The identity token validation endpoint can be used to validate identity tokens. This is useful for clients that don’t have access to the appropriate JWT or crypto libraries (e.g. JavaScript).

You can either GET or POST to the validation endpoint. Due to query string size restrictions, POST is recommended.


POST /connect/identitytokenvalidation

GET /connect/identitytokenvalidation?token=<token>&client_id=<expected_client_id>

A successful response will return a status code of 200 and the associated claims for the token. An unsuccessful response will return a 400 with an error message.

  "nonce": "nonce",
  "iat": "1413203421",
  "sub": "88421113",
  "amr": "password",
  "auth_time": "1413203419",
  "idp": "idsrv",
  "iss": "",
  "aud": "implicitclient",
  "exp": "1413203781",
  "nbf": "1413203421"